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    • Bloody Kusabimaru


    • stark tech suit homecoming

      mcu red and blue suit in homecoming ...

    • If you somehow managed to miss all the other warnings I'll tell you here

      My headset is broken so I can't test the mod. It is most likely littered with errors, and I rarely look at Nexus so I will most likely miss any bug reports so if you want it to actually be looked into you have to contact me on Discord at Ikaru#8686...

    • PlayerData Interop Overview

      PlayerData.lua contains a host of variables and functions related to data that is stored in the Save game.
      The Following Properties are accessible through tes3.player.data.KBProgression.* (ex. tes3.player.data.KBProgression.xp will return the Players current Experience total) You should not write directly to this table, doing so could potentially break features of the mod:

      .xp - returns the players current total xp
      .xpReq - OBSOLETE Abandoned property from early in development. Not present in 1.1.7 onwards. use playerData.calcXPReq() to get the player's xp requirement
      .levelPoints - Table of the players attribute, skill and perk points
       .atr - Attribute points  .prk - Perk points
       .mjr - Major Sk...


      The use of this mod is just as simple as adding the Enchantment into the weapon, such as in this way, the weapon attachment, the Object Modification, or OMODs.

      But if you want, you can also make your own configuration.:

    • Leveling your Class

      Once you've selected your Class, you will be presented with a bar for the associated melee expertise.

      If we were to take the Thug as an example:
      - You start with a Thugs Class Level 1 (Level 2 at the right of the bar means you are aiming for Level 2)
      - Your Clubs Expertise starts at level 0 (Level 1 at the right of the bar means you are aiming for Level 1)
      - Dealing damage and killing hostiles with a weapon of the Club family will slowly level your Clubs Expertise
      - Once you level your Club expertise to Level 1 all of the experience you would have accumulated for Clubs will now go against leveling your Class
      - Once your Class has leveled up to Level 2 then that experience goes back to leveling your Clubs expertise
      - And so on and so forth.

    • zEdit 255 plugins limit workaround with nothing but xEdit filter

      Ok, so you have more than 255 plugins and don't know how to shove 'em all into zEdit?
      Well, you don't need to. Here's why:

      ReProccer patches only certain types of records - it means, that if plugin contains no such records, it can be skipped; no need to load it in zEdit. ReProccer patches weapons (WEAP), armor (ARMO), ammunition (AMMO), projectiles (PROJ) and ingredients (INGR). 

      But let's say, you don't know/unsure which plugin contains what record type - in this case you can filter your plugins by record types with xEdit:

      Get and install SSEEdit.
      Run SSEdit and load all your plugins.
      Right-click any loaded plugin and pick 'Apply Filter' from context menu.
      Don't be intimidated by the abundance of options. You need to tick ...

    • Goodbye Shoulder v2

      I love Spike armor.
      I love Railway rifle.
      If you use both of them and when you sit down, giant shoulder appears on your left-under side screen.
      so i fixed it.
      i found out older version has blurred texture, so i scaled it up to 4k. now you can see nice pattern on your arms again like original.

      extract to data folder....

    • Information x Conflicts

      Information section.
      Here I will list a detailed description of what is in the mod, and why.
      This is for people that want to either know it all or are looking for incompatibilities with other mods.

      Church Of Atom Overhaul
      Disabled all the children changes the original mod makes. It now simply provides armors for the raiders. 
      Adjusted some meshes to remove the children affiliation. Retextured the priest helmet to remove the children logo. One of the helmets uses this texture.
      Swapped around the Ashland cowl with the Gammawalker helmet. It fits the Gammawalker set much better. This cowl slightly clips, it's not too bad though.
      The CoA stuff is now massively nerfed to be more realistic towards vanilla.
      Rebalanced every piece so that ER ...

    • HyperDrives Mass Capacities

      You read it ! HyperDrives Mass Capacities are now editables !

      No more "oops ! I ran out of either available mass (alph 13 and older) or system points (alpha 14 and newer) !"
      Set your values in the Mod Loader, build your ship as you like it !

      BUT ! Don't forget to be reasonnable, Space Haven is about tough surviving survivors....

    • I think i fixed it

      Same mod but this time it actually works lol....

    • MECHANICS - Understanding the Formula

      Jams if Random Number between 1 and IntegerRange is Less-Than JamChance

      NetJamChance = BaseJamChance * (1 + ((ChancePerLuck / 100) * (ShotCount - Pity Shots)))

      IntegerRange = (100 - (MinLuck * ChancePerLuck)) + (LuckInt * ChancePerLuck)

       > MinLuck - Minimum amount of Luck to push the chance back to x/100
       > ChancePerLuck - the amount of chance added per point of Luck. As opposed of simple x/100, it would be at (x/(100 + (ChancePerLuck * Luck))) e.g. 5 Luck with 5 Chance = 1/125. This means that the event is rarer. It also controls how much additional chance is added to the NetJamChance, that increases the chance of jamming when the weapon is used continuously.
       > PityShots - The amount of shots before the weapon is eligible to ja...

    • Edit Rock BGM MOD kh2

      Um mod que add Rock Covers no Kingdom Hearts 2...

    • Anger Sauce

      So you were wondering what was cooking in that burned house?

      After much scavenging, reverse engineering, and burning buildings down, we present you with RedJuice.
      A combat enhancer for those times when you are cornered with no way out. Be the Bear. Drink one, get real angry. Crush everything in your path.
      May have severe after effects.
      Not for sale to anyone. 


      A new drug, loosely based on another post-apocalyptic game's Psychotic Imbibement practices.
      Can only be crafted from a recipe. Recipe have a chance to drop from destroyed chemstations.
      Continous consumption is not recommended.
      May have severe after effects.


      What this do?
      It is a deal with Maalik - Gatekeeper of Hell. He...

    • Drone and Vehicle Adjustments

      If you want max storage on the Drone and Vehicles there are other mods on Nexus for that. I prefer a balanced and less cheaty approach.

      Drone Changes:
      8x3 Inventory.
      Size adjustment to fit and path better in doorways, stairs, ladders. Also less in your face, so you might actually activate the door this time.
      Medical Mod activation and timeout values reduced.
      Stamina boost mod now 20%, and Health boost added.

      All vehicles:
      All vehicles has an extra row of storage. Why does my backpack have more space than a bike?
      All vehicles had a base power increase. Ramps, hills, should be less problematic.
      All vehicles had a fuel tank increase ~50%.
      4x4 fuel consumption slightly decreased.
      All vehicles had a small base speed ...

    • Fang Blade

      Mod made by yours truly with accurate collision.

      model provided by

      find the model here

      CC Attribution...

    • After Action Report: Search And Destroy XEN Raiding Party P (MUP-279)

      Took a Search and Destroy mission against a Xenon P given by the Teladis at Two Grand.

      Only one reported sighting at Two Grand. Likely the Teladi ship (trader or scout) that reported the Xenon P before it was destroyed.

      The long-range scanner didn't detect the Xenon P in the areas around the reported sighting.

      There are 4 gates out of Two Grand. Two of the gates lead to Teladi-owned sectors. It's likely that the Teladi would have satellite coverage of these gates and my target be detected entering them. The 3rd gate leads to an Argon-controlled sector. And the 4th to Fires of Defeat which is owned by the Free Families.

      Took a chance and entered Fires of Defeat to continue the hunt. My radar detected the Xenon P immediately on entering the se...

    • Custom Events Breakdown

      In addition the interop functions, this mod also supports a number of custom events that get triggered/registered by the mod. They are as follows:

      Sent Events - These events are sent by the mod, and contain data about the mods operations:

      "KBProgression:Initialized" - sent when the mod initializes. Contains no Data. Perk/Quest registration should be done in a callback from this event, to ensure data is stored correctly
      "KBProgression:perkActivated" - Sent by the mod when a Perk is activated through the perk system. Contains a string property perk that contains the id of the perk that was activated
      "KBProgression:perkDeactivated" - the same as perkActivated, but fires when a perk is Deactivated through the perk system
      "KBProgression:XPGained" - sen...

    • Quest Interoperability Overview

      The Quest Manager controls the definition/retrieval of Quest types, as well as the registration/unregistration of Boss Monsters.

      Quest Support
      In most cases, Quest mods should work out of the box. The only quests that need to be registered are Main Quests, Guild Quests*, Misc Tasks, and noXP quests. What these terms mean are described below

      Main Quest - This one is pretty self explanatory. Main Quest describes quests that are part of a longform, centralized quest chain that is unconnected from any one particular faction. Examples Include the Morrowind Main Quest, the Tribunal Main Quest, and the Bloodmoon Prophecy quests. They generally don't award any faction repuation, but are more narratively significant then random side quests.
      Guild Quest - T...

    • v1.6.0 Buddy damage

      version 1.6.0

      This release is focused on palicoes and palamutes. They can now be shown as separate fighters or properly merged with their hunters. This now also works correctly in singleplayer too.

      The choice to merge buddy damage with master no longer has to be done prior to the fight; changing this setting will update the report on the fly
      Buddies can now optionally appear in the table with their own rows
      "Show nonplayer combatants" filter becomes two settings, one for buddies and one for monsters
      Buddy names can now be displayed


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